Welcome to the Peter Tranchell website

Cover of commemoration CD with photograph of Peter Tranchell This website is source of information about Peter Tranchell, composer and Lecturer in Music, University of Cambridge.


The site is maintained by a small group of friends and former pupils.


This site has been established rapidly in November 2015 in anticipation of the Radio 3 broadcast of "People, look East" (Tranchell 1982, arr. Peter Marchbank 2015) in the St. John's Advent Carol Service.


We will soon add a calendar of performances of Tranchell's music - please contact us if you know of any.

Published works

Few of Tranchell's works were published in his lifetime, but some have made it into print more recently, including "If ye would hear the angels sing". Find out more...


The Tranchell archive is held by Cambridge University Library, and may be searched using their Newton system. Find out more...


Published recordings are rare, but we have assembled a list here...

List of works

A listing of known Tranchell works, published and unpublished.