Best Paris Disneyland Hotels

Paris is a romantic city and there’s a lot to see when you visit this wonderful City of Lights. If you plan to travel with your family to Paris, you should never forget to visit Paris Disneyland, which will surely awe the kids and make their stay in Paris a memorable one. Paris Disneyland is the second resort built after the first original Disney theme park opened in Anaheim, California. There is a lot to see in this wonderful theme park, and you must never forget to include it in your itinerary.If one of your main reasons of visiting Paris is to experience the wonders and delights offered by Paris Disneyland, there are several hotels within the vicinity aside from the hotels located within the resort which you can check out. It is very ideal to have an accommodation in one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, which are very accessible to the resort and other wonderful tourist destinations within the city.If you have enough budget on your trip to Paris to visit Disneyland Resort, you can opt to stay on one of the accommodations within the theme park, but this comes at a price. Disneyland hotels can be quite expensive, and if you have no plans of spending all your days inside the resort, it is more practical to book a room on one of the hotels located outside the theme park and is just a few minutes’ drive away.For a more affordable yet comfortable stay, there are still several options you can choose from including the Explorer’s Hotel, accommodations at Marne La Valle, or the Kyriad Hotel. The Thomas Cook’s Explorer Hotel is just a mile away from Paris Disneyland Resort, and it offers a complimentary shuttle bus to and from the airport for all their guests. Worth mentioning is the fun nautical theme, which can be quite fun especially for children. If you are looking for another extraordinary way of enjoying your hotel stay, Explorers Hotel is your solution with a tropical atrium and a heated swimming pool with shipwreck that is called the Secret Lagoon and also the Smuggler’s tavern with a real fireplace that makes the place look ancient yet cozy and comfortable. Another that can offer you a comfortable accommodation that is within the vicinity of Paris Disneyland is the Kyriad Hotel, which is one of the nearest Disneyland Paris hotels. Only three kilometers away, Kyriad Hotel has wonderful amenities and services which you can enjoy plus the fact that they also sell entrance tickets to the Disneyland Resort and an in house Disneyland Shop.You can also try the self service accommodation offered in Marne la Valee where we stayed during our EuroDisney Tour with my entire family. Although without the trimmings and posh elegance of an aristocratic hotel, this particular accommodation can really make you feel the real Parisian living where you have the option of either cooking for yourself or eat out on one of the local restaurants at a much affordable price. This is more enjoyable especially if you are traveling with your family where you can have more time bonding and sharing stories without worrying about excess time during checkout whenever you are in a hotel.